Orthographic stories – Le tournoi de hockey (only available in French)


Orthographic stories- 5 books set to stimulate reading of rare letters. Created by S-LPs. Children 6 years +.

This book is intended for children in elementary and middle school, or children with learning difficulties, for their parents, their teachers, reading specialists, and their speech-language pathologists.

Works on the less common form of “k”. This book explains in a fun way, the rule for the grapheme “k” and features many of the most frequent words written with this grapheme.

Created by S-LPs


Learning to read and write is no easy task! Have you ever noticed that certain sounds play tricks on us and can be written more than one way? For example, in French, the sound ‘k’ can be written as c, k, or qu.

Les Histoires d’orthographe permettent d’aider les enfants à mémoriser plus facilement des mots susceptibles d’être mal orthographiés à cause des différents graphèmes possibles pour un même son.

Les mots ont été regroupés et intégrés à l’intérieur d’une petite histoire créée afin de permettre aux enfants de se souvenir de leur orthographe particulière. Ils pourront se remémorer l’histoire pour aider leur écriture.

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